Great Flops of Swansea - After yesterdays great weather in Swansea, and a great walk out, for new Swansea pictures and experiences, our travel writer went at 7 pm strait to Rossis Fish & Chips, opposite Swansea`s Liberty Stadium. Thinking of some nice place to sit down, after a 6 hour walk, having fish & chips. Maybe some ice cream. Sounds like a good idea...

Well, that`s an logical thing after a long walk. He could have gone to some 2 or 3 "Take Away" places, on his way back from the top of the "Kilvey Community  Woodland", Swansea`s highest point, with fantastic views of Swansea bay. But no, he thought of "Rossi`s Fish & Chips".

Swansea Tourism boom - With Swansea in the Premier League football or the world renowned beaches like Rhossili Bay in Gower, Swansea is becoming more poplar than ever.

Statistics show Swansea Bay’s multi-million pound tourism industry was worth more than ever to the local economy over the past few years.

Figures released by STEAM - Visitors to Swansea Bay spent over £360m in 2013 – that’s 4% more than in 2012.