Great Flops of Swansea - After yesterdays great weather in Swansea, and a great walk out, for new Swansea pictures and experiences, our travel writer went at 7 pm strait to Rossis Fish & Chips, opposite Swansea`s Liberty Stadium. Thinking of some nice place to sit down, after a 6 hour walk, having fish & chips. Maybe some ice cream. Sounds like a good idea...

Well, that`s an logical thing after a long walk. He could have gone to some 2 or 3 "Take Away" places, on his way back from the top of the "Kilvey Community  Woodland", Swansea`s highest point, with fantastic views of Swansea bay. But no, he thought of "Rossi`s Fish & Chips".

After refreshing himself a bit, he went on to order. The so called restaurant was pretty empty. (picture shoot shortly before). Paying with plastic could not be that problem, he assumed. But there we are, the first lesson learned was, that there is a 50 pence charge. Even, that the order was nearly £8 Pounds. Joe`s Ice cream alone was £1.60 (which is compared with "Joes Ice Cream Parlour" even £30 pence more). Never mind, it`s OK, as soon he would enjoy this ice cream and "Fish & Chips" + one Fish Cake, relaxing on one of the many empty tables, within the restaurant. Asking for some more crisp chips as well. After paying by card, he ask the staff, if he had to come for the food, or they bring all to the table...this was

His Idea... & not welcome by Rossis Fish & Chips

Dinner outside... "Rossi`s Fish & Chips". How great is that!

The staff told him, that he can`t sit inside, as this would cost extra money... 
This was an real weak up message. After paying nearly £8 pounds, being told, that he has to pay extra, for sitting inside. Wow - Who are they, to ask, not only for extra money, paying by card, but even more - asking for extra money, when you like to sit on one of their chairs.

Back to "Joes Ice Cream Parlour"; Buy even just one cone (about £1.30), and enjoy inside at a table, at no extra cost. 

Dinner outside... "Rossi`s Fish & Chips". After having the fish, which was by the way quiet good, the chips. the chips where soft. Not well cooked, and crispy chips is just a dream. Tasteless. The fish cake, just absolutely disgusting. (Even that there are people eating that stuff). 
It is not known, what they work int o their fish cake, but any cheap "Iceland" fish cake is better!

It was a waste of time, waste of money. Chips and fish cake landed in the bin, just outside the door. An experience richer, the other way round.

At the time he was leaving, a car with French number-plate came, to park. 
As kind, as he is, he advised the visitors, that they have to ask, if they intend to eat inside "Rossi`s Fish & Chips". The face or the Frenchman, according to him, thankful and perplex. (That`s nearly like Paris... But there you have to pay in some cafe`s rather extra, when sitting outside, on a table with service. That`s Paris...).

Having a car, when passing by "Rossi`s Fish & Chips", might be in anyway a good idea, not just having your own "Eating In" place, but also in case, you think of something better, and more friendly than "Rossi`s Fish & Chips"

Beside that - There is no signboard or whatsoever outside or within "Rossi`s Fish & Chips" Swansea, that you got to pay extra, for eating in. 
What a great "End of the Day..." What a shame...



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